Fees & Policies

pen with contractYour important legal matter, as with all our clients, is unique. How it will be handled, and the law office policies and fee structures applicable to it, will be fully explained at the initial consultation. However, some general policy and fee information can be summarized here.

Fees for an attorney are generally determined by the type of case and the client's personal situation. Typically, courtroom work is done on an hourly or flat fee basis. Criminal, traffic, municipal court and small claims are usually done for a flat fee. With a flat fee, a complete fee amount is determined and paid at the start of the case and, other than costs, is all the client is charged. Contingent fees are where the attorney is paid only at the end of the case when an award of damages or settlement recovery is obtained and is based on a percentage of the amount of money being claimed.

Personal injury, business collections, or civil rights cases are often handled under a contingent fee. Costs may or may not be required from the client during the pendency of these type of cases.

We strive to give the client a fee structure that is fair, appropriate, and fully worth the value of the professional services rendered. A frank discussion with Attorney McClure concerning the client's case and situation usually results in an agreed upon fee.

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